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Why do my doctors keep telling me my labs are normal when I don’t feel well?

Why can’t I lose those twenty (or 50?) pounds?

Do I have risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, stroke?

How do I know my supplements are being well absorbed?

What is the cause of my fatigue?

Am I in perimenopause?

What is “normal”, anyway?  Do I really want normal?

Is this “optimal”?

Do I have the ApoE gene that increases risk for Alzheimer’s?

Do I have elevated lipoprotein(a)?

Do I have low testosterone?

Why am I feeling “wired and tired?”

Why don’t my doctors order these tests?

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Dr. Catherine Johnson’s team of clinical precisionists have helped patients with cases such as autoimmune thyroiditis, elevated lipoprotein(a), polycystic ovarian syndrome, insulin resistance, vitamin D deficiency, iron deficiency, celiac disease, perimenopause, lipid, metabolic, and hormone imbalances. These precision lab markers have offered vast insights into complex, elusive, acute, and chronic medical concerns.

We love to help people feel their best and learn more about their health markers. The goal is to become the “quantified self.” Start your path today!


Your data. Your questions. Your health. Your path to experiencing the power of precision medicine starts with precision access to your laboratory data markers of metabolism, nutrition, and inflammation.

Precision Panels

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